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Let someone else do your ironing

Why choose SelClene Ayrshire?

Finding a cleaner you can trust can difficult, after all you're opening your home to a stranger. This is where SelClene comes in to make sure the process of finding your perfect cleaner goes smoothly.

Over 100 customers across Ayrshire use our excellent and professional service to take the stress out of finding a cleaner. We are THE specialists in domestic cleaning, with over 20 years experience. This includes all general domestic duties, carried out in and around the home.

You can have a Selclene cleaner NOW for as little as 2½ hours per week or 3 hours per fortnight - or for longer if you want. Your cleaner will ensure that even the tightest of "nooks and crannies" are cobweb free. Here's a list of just some of the cleaning jobs your SelClene cleaner can do for you:
  • Vacuuming
  • Polishing including brass/silver
  • Washing - floors, walls, skirting boards, bathrooms, window ledges, etc.
  • Cleaning insides of window
  • Ironing
  • Dusting
  • Bed making 
You can also contact us to have a “spring clean” done. In fact, our cleaners will do most of the domestic cleaning jobs you can think of. You simply discuss your requirements with your cleaner and let them get to work!

Our cleaners

Reliable cleaners to clean your bathroom from SelClene Ayrshire

Cleaners are fully vetted before they start work with us. In fact only a small percentage of applicants for our cleaning jobs are actually hired, due to our rigorous vetting procedures. Our cleaners:
  • are reliable - if our cleaners commit to work they have to be able to make that same commitment each week on a long-term basis. We look out for and avoid factors in peoples' lives that may cause them to become unreliable. For example, inadequate child cover or increased studies.

  • are honest and trustworthy – the majority of our cleaners work alone and unsupervised in our clients' homes. They have to be able to reassure both ourselves and our clients that they have integrity.

  • are motivated – as cleaning and ironing on a part time basis is not the career choice of most people, we need to be sure our cleaners have a valid reason for wanting this type of work. This usually means that there are restrictions on their availability to have a full time job.

  • have high standards – we look for people who have a real keenness for cleaning. Most of our cleaners not only enjoy their work but take pride in what they do. They like to see a job done well. We feel this is such an important element to our service. Our cleaners are made aware of the importance of matching the standards of the clients' homes that they clean. They need to both follow instructions carefully, and also use their own initiative when cleaning, so you return home to a completely satisfactory job.
We also replace your cleaner at your request for any reason, temporary or permanent, and to cover for illness or holidays. You'll also benefit from our Public Liability insurance for accidental negligent damage to property and possessions up to £1 million (excess £100) and Employers Liability cover up to £10million {terms and conditions apply}. Call for details

We insist our cleaners keep us up to date with their client's start dates. If the cleaner has any concerns they can call our office at any time, we're always ready to offer advice and assistance. Our cleaners also must keep in touch with their clients. If they run out of cleaning products they must let their clients know. Also, if they are unwell or have a planned holiday they must let their client know, giving as much notice as possible and find out if cover is required. If cover is needed they report this to the SelClene office so we can find a temporary replacement.

Why not phone either Gisela or Angela NOW on 01292 443777 to find out more?  

Office closed? Easy! Submit an online enquiry and we will get back to you, normally by the next working day.